Swordsmiths and armourers

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Swordsmiths and armourers


Swordsmiths were originally blacksmith-cutlers specializing in blades for swords, knives, daggers and other hand-held side-arms. In the 14th century, the making of armour began to specialize and separate out from the blacksmith’s craft. Specialist professions came into being – armourers, plate-smiths and bascineteers, who not only produced, but also sold their wares. As regards the weapons, there were new specialized professions – the swordsmith, bladesmith, fletcher, arrowsmith, and in later centuries the gunsmith, bowyer or shieldsmith, making wooden and metal shields. The price of a complete suit of armour was very high, affordable only to wealthy noblemen. Those who could not afford a complete suit of armour would have only partial metal armour and would rely on their agility for protection in combat.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Swordsmiths are also known as weaponsmiths.
  • They are specialists who can repair any kind of weapon.

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