Noble officials

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Hetman[edit | edit source]

Originally the commander in some armed forces, with a rank equivalent to Captain. Later on the role became that of a civic Governor, selected from amongst the local nobility, who represented the monarch in a given territory.

Hofmeister[edit | edit source]

From the German 'Hof' meaning a court or manor, a hereditary office at the Royal Court. He was responsible for management of the Court.

Under-Chamberlain[edit | edit source]

Along with the Chancellor, the Under-Chamberlain (in Latin Subcamerarius) was a member of the office [who] represented the sovereign in the royal cities, such as proto-notaries or notaries.

Burgrave[edit | edit source]

The representative of the sovereign and representative of provincial officials, of knightly status. His duties included management of the coty and leading the army when needed.