John of Jenstein

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John of Jenstein
Character jan z jenstejna.png
27  •  12  •  1350
17  •  6  •  1400

John of Jenstein (Jan z Jenštějna) (27 December 1350 – 17 June 1400) was Bishop of Meissen and Chancellor to King Wenceslas IV from 1376, and Archbishop of Prague from 1379.

A serious illness during the worst outbreak of plague in Bohemia altered his disposition from that of a carefree man to a devoted servant of the Church. This did not meet with the approval of Wenceslas, however, who sent him to prison at Karlštejn Castle and in 1394 removed him from the office of Chancellor, which led to further conflicts between the Church and the King. Subsequently, John finally gave up his office in 1396.

His many writings include sermons, commentaries, tractates, essays and poetry.