Abduction of Prokop of Luxembourg

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Abduction of Prokop of Luxembourg

At the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries Moravia was dogged by conflict between the brothers Procopius and Jobst of Luxembourg. At issue was the legacy and power of a dynasty that had aspired to the Polish and Hungarian Crowns. After the death of Charles IV, Procopius supported the policy of Emperor Sigismund, but after his having imprisoned King Wenceslas IV in 1394, Procopius shifted allegiance to the Bohemian King and became his ally. In return he was granted the right to occupy the Episcopal castles, to which the Pope responded by imposing a ban. Procopius was eventually arrested by Sigismund.

In the year 1402, when Wenceslas IV was incarcerated for the second time, Jobst was in league with Sigismund once more. At that time, together with the Czech King, Procopius too was captured and held for two years in Pressburg (Bratislava). In the same year Jobst defected from Sigismund to side with Albrecht of Austria in Hungary, where an uprising against the monarch had broken out. As a result of the fraternal conflict between Jobst and Procopius, Moravia became a free-for-all, to the advantage of a whole host of robber-barons, who set about attacking castles and villages.

After the death of Procopius, Jobst became the sole ruler of Moravia, having progressively quelled his cousins. In 1411 Jobst died, just as Procopius had done, without direct issue, and the title of Margrave of Moravia reverted to Wenceslas IV.